Academic Program

We expect a high level academic excellence from our residents as evidenced by in-depth reading of core textbooks, ability to assess relevant psychiatric literature, and active participation in seminars and clinical/academic conferences.  Didactic time for residents is protected with patient care covered by attending faculty.  

PGY 1, PGY 2

During the first two years, didactic sessions focus on the clinical and neuroscientific basis of both psychopathology and psychopharmacology. Weekly seminars focus on different topics and residents are expected to familiarize themselves with one of the major textbooks of psychiatry and one of the major textbooks of psychopharmacology.  We also emphasize the acquisition of skills in both interviewing and note writing that are crucial in the care of psychiatric patients.  

In addition, there are shorter courses on Emergency Psychiatry and Psychotherapy that are given during the summer of the first two years.

Journal Club meets biweekly during which residents present papers from the current medical and scientific literature for critique and general discussion.  They acquire skills in literature assessment from 
Stony Brook Medicine’s expert research faculty.  A PRITE Review Course is organized by the Chief Residents and is offered to all residents throughout the year.

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Weekly seminars focus on the theory and practice of psychotherapy. Residents are expected to acquire an in-depth understanding of supportive, psychodynamic, cognitive, and behavioral psychotherapies. Seminars are also given in the theory of Group, Family and Marital Therapy, as well as outpatient psychopharmacology.

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Senior residents meet weekly for didactics that focus on preparing them to start their careers, advanced psychotherapy issues, and higher-level psychopharmacology.  

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