Sharps Disposal Program and Pill Takeback Program

Our Sharps Disposal Program is now open on Tuesday’s from 10am to 12pm. You may bring in your sharps to the receiving entrance of the hospital.


  1. A plastic puncture-proof container with a tight fitting top can be utilized, i.e., screw top plastic laundry detergent container or a plastic bleach container may be used. Glass containers will not be accepted.
  2. Label the container clearly: “CONTAINS SHARPS”
  3. Any containers which the hospital feels does not meet the appropriate containment requirements will be refused.

Sharps Safety Links

Government Websites:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC/NIOSH)

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 

GAO report on costs of safer needle devices

Other Sharps Safety Websites:

Unused, Expired or Unwanted Medications? Dispose at SBELIH!

Head to the Pharmacy at Stony Brook Eastern Long Island Hospital to get rid of medication you no longer want or need.

•    Over-the-counter medications, including liquids
•    Non-controlled prescription medications (human and animal)
•    CII-V controlled prescriptions medications (human animal)

•    Illicit drugs
•    Sharps of any kind (needles, lancets)
•    Aerosol spray cans
•    Inhalers
•    Thermometers, batteries
•    Hydrogen peroxide
•    Trash

Medications will be accepted in their original container or packaging

Loose tablets and capsules will be accepted as long as they are securely contained in a re-sealable bag

Liquids will be accepted in the original container placed inside a re-sealable bag


Bring your medications to the hospital Pharmacy from 7am-7pm

The Pharmacy Department may assist individuals in preparing their medications, but they must be placed in the kiosk by the individual