Facts & Stats

Behavioral Health and Psychiatry
• Treatment for substance use and mental health disorders
• Medical and psycho-therapeutic approach
• Specializing in co-occurring disorders Inpatient Psychiatry
• Comprehensive care in healing and therapeutic environment
• Medication management
• Group and individual therapy
• Discharge planning to assist patients in their stabilization process

Psychiatry Residency Program
• Focusing on community psychiatry and addiction psychiatry
• First year includes four months of inpatient psychiatry at SBELIH; third year completed at Quannacut Outpatient Services

Quannacut Inpatient Services
• Inpatient rehabilitation
• Inpatient detoxification
• Medication assisted treatment (MAT)
• Medication management services
• Group/Individual therapy
• Recreation and creative arts therapy

Quannacut Outpatient Services
• 14,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art behavioral health facility located in Riverhead
• Advanced integrated treatment
• Outpatient psychiatry
• Medication assisted treatment (MAT)
• Medication management services
• Group/Individual therapy
• Primary care medical services
• Sober housing

Emergency Department
• Accessible by land, sea and air 24/7/365
• Nursing staff is Trauma Nursing Core Course (TNCC) certified Surgery
• Gastrointestinal surgery
• Emergency general surgery
• Acute care surgery
• Minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery
• Diseases of the liver, spleen, upper/lower gastrointestinal systems
• Laparoscopic appendectomy
• Laparoscopic gallbladder surgery
• Hernia repairs (laparoscopic and open)
• Colonoscopy
• Feeding tubes
• Benign skin and soft-tissue tumors
• Traumatic injuries
• Wound care

Laboratory Services
• General Chemistry Hematology: Electrolyte levels, glucose levels, liver enzymes, cardiac markers, thyroid testing, hematology (including CBC panel), tick-borne disease panel
• Influenza testing
• COVID-19 testing
• Micro-Biological testing

Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging
• Bone mineral densitometry
• 3D tomosynthesis mammography
• Ultrasound/Sonography
• 128-Slice CT scan
• 1.5 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
• Nuclear medicine
• Digital radiography (x-ray)

Physical Therapy
• Gladys Brooks Fitness Center, Southold
• Stony Brook Eastern Long Island Hospital, Greenport

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