Understanding Your Hospital Charges

Hospital Price Transparency

Stony Brook Eastern Long Island Hospital strives to ensure that our patients are cared for in every regard.  We take great pride in the excellence of the clinical outcomes we deliver; and, we also recognize that the quality of our patient’s experience is impacted on many levels including the ease with which you are able to understand and navigate the financial aspects of your care.

To assist our patients in understanding our standard charges, we have provided links to a listing of all hospital items and services in a machine readable format and a list of shoppable services in a consumer-friendly format.

Standard Charges

The standard charge data provided includes only hospital charges and excludes professional charges for physician services which are billed separately by non-employees of the hospital.  The standard charges also do not necessarily represent patient’s actual out-of-pocket cost.

Gross Charge
Amount billed for each item or service.

Discounted Cash Price
Amount billed for each item prior to any discount offered to patients based upon eligibility for the hospital’s financial assistance program.

Payor Specific Negotiated Charge
The charge negotiated with each third party payor.

Minimum Negotiated Charge
The lowest negotiated charge amongst all third party payors.

Maximum Negotiated Charge
The highest negotiated charge amongst all third party payors.

Shoppable Services

Stony Brook Eastern Long Island Hospital has identified a list of shoppable services which are common elective hospital procedures.  Standard charges for shoppable items can be accessed on the link provided.

When reviewing these files, it is important to keep in mind that many factors affect what a patient actually pays, most notably their health insurance benefit plan design.  Most health plans, insurers and other third-party payers (such as Medicare and Medicaid) pay for hospital services based upon specific contracted charges or regulatory enacted rates.  Insured, in-network patients are usually only responsible for co-payments, co-insurance and/or deductibles as determined by their insurer.  For a better understanding of your potential out-of-pocket expenditure, please contact your insurer or benefit plan administrator.

The amount charged may only be relevant for patients receiving care at Stony Brook Eastern Long Island Hospital who are deemed “out-of-network” by their insurance plan and/or for those who are uninsured.  For these patients, the amount billed may be reflective of the charge amounts listed here; however, the amount a patient pays may be much lower because of the hospital’s financial assistance policy. The financial assistance program assists patients with limited income who have difficulty paying for hospital services. Financial Assistance Frequently Asked Questions

For more detailed information about your hospital charges or for an estimate of the costs related to your upcoming procedure, please contact the Hospital’s Business Office at (631) 477-5711.

“Shoppable Services”  (Last Updated 06/28/2023)

“Standard Charges” (Last Updated 06/28/2023)