Medical-Surgical Unit | 2 North

Giving & Naming Opportunities

32 Beds, 17 Rooms, 2 Private RoomsMedSurg
The 'Your Name Here' Patient Room(s)

  • Due to its unique location, many patient rooms on the medical-surgical unit have a water view of Stirling Harbor.  
  • Patients who are admitted are welcomed into a relaxed environment by a caring competent team of healthcare professionals.  
  • Transforming each patient room into a place of healing reflects the caring culture and can make all the difference in a patient’s level of satisfaction and comfort during their hospital stay. 

Total Cost: $5,000 Per Room

The 'Your Name Here' 2 North Nurses Station

Total Cost: $10,000


For more information or to make a donation, call the ELIH Foundation Office at 631-477-5164.