Breast Health Campaign

Earlier detection Earlier detection for breast cancer is now possible for breast cancer is now possible with state- of- the- art mammography. In response to patient concerns about breast health, the ELIH Foundation’s newest initiative calls for a 3D/breast tomosynthesis mammography system, a total cost of $400,000. 

ELIH Breast Cancern LogoThe Facts About 3D Breast Tomosynthesis Mammography

  • Increases cancer detection by 41%
  • Detects breast cancer 15 months earlier
  • 5-year survival rate with early diagnosis is almost 100%
  • Reduces number of callbacks for additional imaging by up to 80%
  • Better for dense or non-dense breasts
  • Reduces number of false positives
  • Fewer follow-up tests and biopsies
  • No additional radiation to patient
  • Reduces overall healthcare costs 

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