Behavioral Health Services Expansion & Renovation

Behavioral Health Services Expansion & Renovation

Behavioral Health Services at Stony Brook Eastern Long Island Hospital embrace those who are seeking treatment for substance abuse and/or mental health challenges. For many, this choice is the beginning of a new life, and we congratulate such courage. Behavioral Health Addiction and & Psychiatry Services, positioned within the framework of Stony Brook Eastern Long Island Hospital’s broad-based treatment center, meet the complex challenges of each individual’s needs with a mission of providing hope and personal care to each patient that crosses our threshold.
This is a place where the treatment team blends compassion and care with a nurturing environment, allowing patients to stabilize, develop insights into the recovery process, and transition back into the community. The treatment team is multi disciplined with board certified physicians, licensed nurses, credentialed alcoholism and substance abuse counselors, licensed social workers, creative arts therapists, and registered dietitians. The expert, dedicated professionals from medicine, nursing, social work, creative arts therapy, alcohol and substance abuse, and nutrition bring a team approach to patient care.
We are confident that our friends in the community will join us to help support this most worthy cause. Your commitment will help to ensure a complete recovery for our patients- one that heals the spirit as well as the body.
Your gift can make a big difference in facilities, therapies and diagnostics needed to promote healing and complement care at SBELIH. Your contribution could:

  • Renovate Psychiatric Unit facilities such as patient rooms, treatment rooms, TV and dining rooms.
  • Renovate the Quannacut Addiction Services Unit, including the unit's patient rooms, detox unit, rehab facilities, outpatient facilities, and sober house.
  • Fund programs such as art therapy, drug and alcohol counseling, music therapy, and pet therapy. 

Giving and Naming Opportunities

23-Bed Inpatient Psychiatry Unit
The 'Your Name Here' Inpatient Psychiatry Unit
Total Cost: $1 Million

Inpatient Psychiatry Unit, 13 Rooms
The 'Your Name Here' Patient Room(s)
Total Cost: $5,000 Per Room

Inpatient Psychiatry TV Room
The 'Your Name Here' TV Room
Total Cost: $10,000

Inpatient Psychiatry Unit Expansion
The 'Your Name Here' Inpatient Psychiatry Unit Expansion
Demand in the region resulted in a Certificate of Need approval of FIVE additional psychiatry beds
Total Cost: $10,000

Pet Therapy Program
The 'Your Name Here' Pet Therapy Program
Total Cost: $5,000 Per Year

For more information or to make a gift, please call the ELIH Foundation Office (631) 477-5164.