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Quannacut Inpatient Addiction Services

20-Bed Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit
The ‘Your Name Here’ Quannacut Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit

  • Some disabilities are hard to see, but no less debilitating. Addiction stresses every aspect of family life and society as a whole.
  • The expert, interdisciplinary Behavioral Health team includes board certified physicians and psychiatrists, registered nurses, clinical social workers, recreation therapists and certified drug and alcohol counselors.
  • The Quannacut program addresses alcoholism and substance abuse/addiction as a treatable disease and views alcoholism as chronic and progressive.

Total Cost: $1 Million


Acute & Sub-Acute Care, 10 'Rooms of Healing'
The 'Your Name Here' Quannacut Inpatient Room(s) of Healing

  • Patients who are admitted to SBELIH for substance and/or alcohol abuse are welcomed into a therapeutic environment by a caring competent team of healthcare professionals.  
  • Transforming each patient room into a place of healing reflects the caring culture that SBELIH’s professional staff embraces, and can make all the difference in a patient’s recovery. 

Total Cost: $5,000 Per Room


10-Bed Inpatient Detoxification Unit, 6 Rooms
The 'Your Name Here' Quannacut Inpatient Detoxification Unit

  • Part of the continuum of care for addiction services.
  • Views Alcoholism and other substance abuse as chronic and progressive.
  • Acute inpatient detoxification service (20 days depending on individual, medical necessity).
  • Medical Model

Total Cost: $5,000 Per Room

Quannacut Outpatient Addiction Services

Sober House
The 'Your Name Here' Sober House

  • Quannacut Outpatient Services operates a 10 bed, all male sober house in Mattituck.  
  • The residence is for men with alcohol/chemical dependency in need of supportive housing as a transition into an independent and abstinence-based lifestyle. 

Total Cost: $500,000

For more information or to make a donation, call the ELIH Foundation Office at 631-477-5164.