Advanced Ambulatory Care Pavilion

The 'Your Name Here' Advanced Ambulatory Care Pavilion

Technology, new medications, and innovative surgical techniques continue to transform surgical procedures resulting in less invasive procedures and quicker healing times. Today 85% of surgeries are performed in the Advanced Ambulatory Care Center.

The Center is a modern health care facility focused on providing same-day surgical care, including diagnostic, preventive procedures and surgical repairs.  At Stony Brook Eastern Long Island Hospital, ambulatory surgery patients are educated prior to their scheduled surgery to ensure that they fully understand the procedure. Ambulatory Surgical Services has transformed the outpatient experience by providing safe and effective same day surgeries with advantages including greater convenience and reduced costs with a strong record of safety, quality care and positive patient outcomes. 

Advances in minimally invasive surgical techniques continue to drive inpatient surgery to the ambulatory setting. Expansion is necessary to meet the current need and accommodate future demand.

Total Cost: $3 Million

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