Smarter Equipment, Smarter Treatment: State-of-the-Art IV Pumps

State-of-the-Art IV Pumps
B. Braun’s Space™ Infusion System Synchronized Intelligence™ Infusion Platform Integrated Pumps
IV Pumps

This system is designed to help clinicians achieve up to 100% drug library use compliance, minimize infusion-related medication errors, and reduce unnecessary alarms. In fact, the system has documented outcomes of lower correction rates, 100% drug library utilization, and virtually zero medication errors. 

It is the first wireless, logic-driven, integrated technology system for IV pump infusion that is IHE certified for all three AutoComplete integration functions: AutoProgramming, AutoDocumentation and AutoNotification.

Working together, the sum is greater than its parts: 

  • Integrated Data
  • Integrated Pumps
  • Integrated Reporting

Total Cost: $60,000