Walk, Run, Recover Challenge

Take the #WRRChallenge to support
SBELIH Behavioral Health Services!


As effects of COVID-19 continue to be felt here on the North Fork and Shelter Island, the ELIH Foundation has made some changes to the Annual 5K Family Walk/Run. For National Recovery Month this September, we invite you to tackle our 2020 Walk, Run, Recover Challenge! 

Take our challenge of body and mind by sharing a photo or video of you doing your favorite physical or mental exercise to bring hope and awareness to those needing treatment for substance use and/or mental health challenges.

How It Works

There are so many ways for you to participate in the Walk, Run, Recover Challenge. Share a photo or video of you taking our challenge by walking, running, or exercising your mind. How have you been positively occupying your body and mind during quarantine? Share your favorite activities for better mental and physical health with us on social media to inspire others and bring awareness to the cause!

1. Take the Challenge

Take a photo or video of you taking the challenge! Walking, running, painting, reading… anything that helps you recover and reset for better mental and physical health. 

2. Share & Challenge Others







Share your photo or video on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and challenge three friends to take the challenge! Don’t forget to use our hashtag #WRRChallenge and tag SBELIH using our handles:

3. Keep It Going!

Keep on doing with your favorite activities for better mental and physical health! Consider taking the challenge a step further by making a donation to support SBELIH Behavioral Health Services. 



All donations made to the #WRRChallenge benefit Stony Brook Eastern Long Island Hospital (SBELIH) Behavioral Health Services, including Quannacut Inpatient Addiction Services, Quannacut Outpatient Addiction Services, and the Inpatient Adult Psychiatry Program.These uncertain times have been particularly trying for those in need of addiction services and resources. COVID-19 limited access to many resources within hospitals, as well as outpatient facilities. Thank you for your support.